Ayurvedic Treatment For Low Sperm Count In Crossley

Ayurvedic Treatment For Low Sperm Count In Crossley

A low sperm count, as suggested by the name, means less sperm count in a man's body. A person is said to be suffering from a low sperm count when he is noted to have fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen (fluid ejaculated) or produced in a man's body. In professional or we can say in scientific language, a low sperm count is known as "oligozoospermia."

Some people state that having a sperm count of less than 20 million is abnormal, but this is not because this information is now displayed as outdated and only serves as a rough guide for a low sperm count by unprofessionals. To know the exact value, you must consult a fertility specialist.

Low sperm count is a general problem that couples face when getting pregnant. It can also create issues in your life and relationship. If you are experiencing or suffering from a low sperm count, take our promising ayurvedic treatment for low sperm count in Crossley, and see the results after a month of medication only.

Per the NHS, sperm issues are a component in around 1 of every three couples attempting to conceive, so while we think about it and understand that the issue might be viewed as off-kilter or humiliating, nothing remains to be embarrassed about in this matter or issue. Consult your issue of low sperm count in Best Ayurvedic Treatment Centre and get treatment from a highly experienced ayurvedic doctor for Low Sperm Motility or Oligospermia in Crossley.

Risk Factors Of Low Sperm Count In Crossley

Numerous risk factors are linked to a low sperm count in men, which includes:

  • Smoking tobacco

  • Being severely depressed or stressed

  • Drinking alcohol

  • Consumption of certain illicit drugs

  • Being overweight

  • Having some specific past or present infections

  • Having a history of undescended testicles

  • Being exposed to toxins

  • Overheating the testicles

  • Having experienced trauma to the testicles

  • Being born with a fertility disorder

  • Having a blood relative in your families, such as your brother or father, with a fertility disorder

  • Consumption of certain medications

  • Having some specific medical conditions such as tumors and chronic illnesses

  • Undergoing cancer treatments, such as radiation

  • Having a prior vasectomy

  • Having major abdominal or pelvic surgery

Symptoms Of Low Sperm Count In Crossley

Various symptoms may point toward having a low sperm count in your body. Some of the primary symptoms of having a low sperm count include:

Having a low sex drive

The issue of low sperm count mainly affects a person's sex drive. A person suffers from a decreased desire for sexual intercourse with their partner. They don't want to have sex even after engaging in all sexual activities with their partner. In this, you will feel lost and distracted and feel sex is a non-engaging activity. This will ultimately affect your relationship and daily life routine and bring stress to your life.

Eractile Dysfunction In Crossley

Erectile Dysfunction is another symptom you will see while having a low sperm count. Erectile dysfunctions mean being unable to keep maintaining the erection for enough time to have sex. At this time, men usually tend to be stressed and concentrate on erections.

Having this issue for a long time means you must consult a doctor as soon as possible before this issue arises. Experiencing this issue for a short time can be expected and normal. Still, if you continue experiencing this issue, you must consult Dr. Gupta's clinic for the best ayurvedic treatment for Low Sperm Count.

Pain, swelling, or lumps in the testicle In Crossley

Men with low sperm counts usually suffer from inevitable pains, swelling, and lumps in the testicles. So if you also experience something like this, you must consider consulting your issue with your doctor. Delay in treatment may further increase your problem. That's why whenever you experience this issue, you must consult Dr. Gupta's Clinic. Here you will get the best treatment for your sex-related issue.

Signs of a hormone or chromosome abnormality In Crossley

You may also experience specific hormonal changes in your body, such as loss of hair or a decrease in the amount of body or facial hair. Hormonal changes or chromosome abnormality is also a sign of low sperm count. So if you also experience this issue in your body, don't wait for anything and consult a doctor as soon as possible before this issue worsens. Consult your case in Dr. Gupta's Clinic for free and get the most reliable and safest ayurvedic medicine to increase sperm count.

Note: It's all right to have some of these symptoms occasionally. But if these symptoms happen frequently, you may consult our ayurvedic doctor for low sperm motility in crossley near you and get prescriptions as soon as possible.

Causes Of Low Sperm Count In Crossley

The development of sperm is a complicated cycle. It requires the typical working of the testicles, the nerve center, and pituitary organs - organs in your mind that produce chemicals that trigger sperm creation. When sperm are delivered to the testicles, sensitive tubes transport them until they blend in with semen and are discharged from the penis. Issues with any of these frameworks can influence sperm creation and production in the human body.

Additionally, there can be strange sperm shape (morphology), development (motility), or capacity. Some other causes of low sperm count are:

Medical Causes

There are a number of medical issues that can cause a problem of low sperm count in men, which includes:


A varicocele is the most common and prominent reason that causes a low sperm count in men. Varicocele means swelling in the veins that drain the testicles in a man's body. Yet, no exact reason can be found behind why varicocele causes infertility-treatment in men, but some researchers relate it to abnormal testicular temperature regulation in a men's body. Varicocele is a changeable cause of male infertility-treatment that reduces the quality of the sperm.


Certain infections directly interfere with sperm production or health and can cause scarring that blocks the passage of sperm. Some of the infections include:

  • Inflammation of the epididymis (epididymitis)

  • Inflammation of testicles (orchitis)

  • Sexually transmitted infections

  • Gonorrhoea

  • HIV

Some medical issues or infections can result in permanent testicular damage, but sperm can be retrieved in most cases. So if you also face this issue, you must consult Dr. Gupta's Clinic for sexual disorders like low sperm motility or low sperm count, being treated by Crossley's best ayurvedic doctors having more than three decades of experience.

Ejaculation problems In Crossley:

Retrograde ejaculation is a condition that occurs when a men's semen enters the bladder during orgasm in place of emerging out from the tip of the penis. There are various health conditions and medications that can cause retrograde ejaculation or lack of ejaculation, which include:

  • Diabetes

  • Spinal injuries

  • Surgery of the bladder

  • Prostate or urethra.

  • Blood pressure medications

  • Alpha-blockers

There are specific ejaculatory problems that can be reversed easily after consulting with Doctors, while others are permanent. So if you are also facing this issue of low sperm count or Oligospermia, Dr. Gupta's clinic is the best ayurvedic clinic in Crossley, aka a hospital serving the cross nation with its miraculous medicines and therapies.

Environmental Causes In Crossley

There are specific environmental changes that can cause the issue of low sperm count in men, which includes:

  • Extended exposure to industrial chemicals such as benzenes, toluene, xylene, herbicides, pesticides, organic solvents, painting materials, and lead might lead a person to a low sperm count.

  • Exposure to some heavy metals such as lead can also cause infertility-treatment in men.

  • Exposure to radiation or x-rays can also cause a reduction in the production of sperm in men. If you are exposed to radiation, it will take several years for a man to return to his average sperm count. And if you take a high dose of radiation, you may also face a permanent reduction in sperm count.

  • Increasing temperature can also cause a reduction in the production of sperm in a men's body. Frequent hot tubs, hot bathtubs and saunas can also temporarily impair sperm count.

Health And lifestyle Causes In Crossley

Apart from all these changes, some health and lifestyle changes may lead to a low sperm count in men, which includes:

  • Excessive drug consumption such as anabolic steroids used to stimulate muscle growth and strength can reduce the production of sperm and can shrink the testicles, causing a low sperm count.

  • Consumption of cocaine or marijuana can also reduce the quality of sperm in a men's body, causing infertility-treatment.

  • Drinking alcohol and tobacco consumption can also lead to a decrease in the production of sperm in men causing infertility-treatment.

  • Some studies believe that severe or prolonged emotional stress about anything might interfere with the hormones needed to produce sperm.

  • And people suffering from stress may also experience the issue of low sperm count as it may affect sperm concentration.

How Does Dr. Gupta's Clinic In Crossley Provide Ayurvedic Treatment For Low Sperm Count?

You must consult an ayurvedic doctor for low sperm motility in crossley if you are experiencing complications. At Dr. Gupta's clinic, our doctors will first talk to you and try to determine the underlying cause of your issue. And after consulting and analyzing your problem, if your doctor also thinks you are suffering from a low sperm count, then it is prescribed that you and your partner will be assessed to preclude likely contributing factors and decide whether helped contraceptive procedures might be required.

After consulting, you will go through a general physical examination of your body. And doctors will also ask you questions about any inherited conditions, chronic health problems, illnesses, injuries, or surgeries that could affect your fertility. Doctors may also ask you some personal questions about your sexual life and habits. So feel free to answer them if you want proper treatment.

Our ayurvedic doctors in Dr. Gupta's Clinic believe in naturally treating every disease using herbal medicines and products. We are highly focused on treating issues in the best possible natural way which will not harm the patient's body. So if you seek a reliable ayurvedic treatment for low sperm count in Crossley, you must consult with us as soon as possible, as this disorder worsens with time.

Dr. Govind Krishna Gupta is a well-established and highly experienced ayurvedic doctor and sexologist in Crossley with over 38 years of experience dealing with various male and female sexual disorders. Contact us today for 100% effective ayurvedic treatment for Low Sperm Count in Crossley. Get a free consultation by calling on +91-9831072167, or you can also send us your email at drguptasclinic@gmail.com.

Frequently Asked Questions On Low Sperm Count In Crossley

Sperm tests at home require sperm ejaculation into an assortment cup. While procedures fluctuate for moving semen and finishing the test, results are generally accessible within a few minutes. The tests work by recognizing a protein tracked down only in sperm. A positive experimental outcome indicates that your sperm fixation is viewed as usual. Assuming a home sperm test demonstrates that your sperm focus is low (negative), you'll probably need to counsel a specialist for a total fruitfulness assessment. Consult your issue now in Dr. Gupta's Clinic and get the best treatment for your problem.

Sperm issues, low sperm count, and problems with sperm quality are very normal. They're a component in around 1 out of 3 couples attempting to get pregnant. Having a low sperm count can make it harder to imagine usually, albeit fruitful pregnancies can, in any case, happen even after having a low sperm count. There are medicines accessible that can assist you with turning into a father, assuming you have a low sperm count. Consult now in Dr. Gupta's Clinic and get the best treatment.

Eggs are possibly the best wellspring of protein and vitamin E. Customary utilization of eggs further develop sperm count and motility and safeguard them from oxidative pressure. Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and cranberries - are a rich wellspring of nutrients and cancer prevention agents. The mitigating properties of berries shield sperm from free extremists and assist with delivering better, more grounded sperm in higher volumes.

When a man practices routinely, the testicles work better, and sperm count gets to the next level. While this investigation discovered that a few types of training are more significant at developing sperm count than others, any activity is superior to none since practice lessens aggravation, further developing sperm function in men's bodies. The analysts observed that weight lifting, running, and jogging was related to higher sperm focuses than activities like strolling and aerobics exercise.

A review states that men who drink a jug of beer or glass of wine a day are more fertile. They have an overhead sperm count more than men who drink pretty much liquor. Their sperm is more grounded than swimmers, expanding their possibility of arriving at a lady's egg. The individuals who polished off four to seven beverages in a week delivered more sperm and superior quality. But it is not treatment if you suffer from a low sperm count; you will still have to consult doctors regarding your issue.

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