Ayurvedic Treatment For Dhat Syndrome In Crossmaglen

Ayurvedic Treatment For Dhat Syndrome In Crossmaglen

Several diseases affect different people globally, but some disorders only affect the men of a specific region or culture. Dhat Syndrome is one of them that affects only a particular area of men and women. Dhat roga or Dhat Syndrome is a culturally bound syndrome that affects only one specific region or people of the Crossmaglen Subcontinent, including Crossmaglen, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Even in some cases, it also affects the women of this specific region.

While talking about the Dhat discharge, the word Dhat is derived from the Sanskrit word "Dhatu," which means 'elixir of the body.' It is a condition first described in 1960 by Dr. Narendra Wig. Dhat discharge is marked by psychosomatic symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, and sexual dysfunction. It happens due to the passage of a whitish fluid or whitish particles believed to be seen in the urine.

Men suffering from Dhat Syndrome or nightfall suffer from physical and emotional distress, directly linked to perceived semen loss and a fear of semen loss in their bodies. This syndrome is most commonly seen in men of younger age in rural areas. It creates stress in men's bodies and minds and leads to several psychological and physical changes in their bodies.

Types Of Dhat Syndrome Or Spermatorrhea In Crossmaglen

In a Dhat Syndrome, males typically believe they have premature ejaculation and suffer from impotence apart from leaking the white seminal fluid during urination. The loss of semen during urination frightens a male into developing a sense of depression because the loss of fear of semen is quite substantial in the Crossmaglen Subcontinent. Dhat Syndrome can further be divided into three categories such as:

Only Dhat Discharge

In this type of Dhat Syndrome, there is only dhat release with urine, and no other symptoms will get seen in a male. In this type of issue, a patient is mainly compounded with hypochondriacally oriented signs with the fear of loss of semen through urine. It is found that men in the Crossmaglen Subcontinent are usually more worried about their semen and related things than men in other countries. They tend to feel distracted and constantly concerned, thinking about losing their semen.

Dhat Discharge Accompanied By Anxiety Or Depression In Crossmaglen

In this condition of a Dhat Syndrome, men experience a Dhat Syndrome in their bodies. Usually, men in this condition suffer depression and stress due to the loss of semen from their bodies. Still, in this condition, men suffering from dhat can be accompanied by depression or anxiety. They started feeling anxious about it and, due to overthinking, started having the symptoms of depression.

They started stressing over their health and body condition and, due to lack of knowledge and treatment, started feeling distracted and depressed. So in this condition, it will be great if you consult a doctor regarding your condition. You can consult your situation in Dr. Gupta's Clinic, where you will get the best ayurvedic treatment for Dhat Syndrome in Crossmaglen.

Dhat Syndrome Accompanied By Sexual Dysfunction In Crossmaglen

The most severe Dhat Syndrome or nightfall condition is a discharge accompanied by sexual dysfunction. In this condition, the patient starts complaining about sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or other psychosexual dysfunction conditions, which include depressive neurosis, somatoform/ hypochondriasis, or anxiety neurosis.

Usually, this condition creates fear in patients' minds that they are suffering from a severe disease. And which adversely affects their sexual life and relationships. So that's why people were advised to consult a doctor as soon as possible. For your problem, Dr. Gupta's Clinic will be an excellent choice. Here we provide one of the best ayurvedic treatments for Dhat Syndrome In Crossmaglen.

Common Misconceptions About Dhat Syndrome Or Spermatorrhea In Crossmaglen

There are various misguided judgments about Dhat Syndrome. Most patients imagine that the semen misfortune during pee will make them inept or weaker sexually. This nervousness can be followed back millennia to specific Ayurvedic compositions in which the departure of a solitary drop of semen, the most valuable body liquid, was to the point of weakening the entire body. This cultural belief prompts a ton of disgrace, guilt, and melancholy connected with dhat disorder.

The fear most men occupy while suffering from this syndrome is also deeply stuffed with this myth. The more you anticipate it, the more you get distracted and feared by it. And to an extent, many people believe this syndrome will adversely harm their body, and they will not produce sperm. Some also think that they will not be able to make the semen early, and their semens will get dead.

Reproductive Health Results In Dhat Syndrome In Crossmaglen

Symptoms depending on what type of sexual disorders you're experiencing:

  • Nerves are responsible for keeping the semen secured during a normal state in men. When nerves get powerless, semen is released during pee or while doing regular exercises as white release, called dhat disorder.

  • This issue further strains different organs like the liver, and an inadequately working liver increments shortcoming connected with muscles and decreases energy levels, fat digestion, and taints blood.

  • Prostatitis, a sickness of the prostate organ which secretes fundamental liquids, can likewise bother dhat.

  • A weak stomach related framework, inclined to constipation and piles likewise causes dhat roga. This is viewed as a white release during defecation.

Note: It's all right to have some of these symptoms occasionally. But if these symptoms happen frequently, you may consult our best ayurvedic doctors for Dhat Syndrome in Crossmaglen near you and get prescriptions as soon as possible.

Symptoms Of Dhat Syndrome Or Spermatorrhea In Crossmaglen

There are some common symptoms men face while having a Dhat Syndrome, which includes:

Fatigue and listlessness

One of the common symptoms of a Dhat Syndrome is fatigue or listlessness. Usually, a loss of semen in a specific quantity leads to weakness and fatigue in a man's body, and they start feeling listless. They will start losing energy to do their daily routine and other essential work. Feeling fatigued rarely can be expected in many people due to heavy workload or anything. Still, if you continuously think of this tiredness and listlessness, you must consult a doctor before this issue worsens.

Appetite loss

Appetite loss is another recurring symptom of Dhat Syndrome. Usually, mentally tense people lose their appetite because they feel so distracted and disturbed that they don't feel like having any meal and don't want to eat anything. Losing appetite for a short period is normal because it sometimes happens with everyone as they lose or gain their appetite at some point in time. But if you feel like losing your appetite for longer than usual, you must consult a doctor before your issue worsens.

Lack of physical strength

At this time, males who suffer from Dhat Syndrome feel lost and down and lack the significance of doing any work. Men suffering from Dhat Syndrome also suffer from a lack of energy and physical strength in their bodies. Stress brings this lack of energy and physical strength in their body and leads to losing everything and changes in their relationships and life. So if you feel a continuous loss of power and energy, you must consult a doctor. To get a satisfactory ayurvedic treatment for Dhat Syndrome in Crossmaglen, consult for free at Dr. Gupta's Clinic.

Poor concentration and forgetfulness

Dhat Syndrome also causes poor concentration in any work or forgetfulness. Men suffering from data discharge and seminal syndrome tend to easily forget more minor to more important things and concentrate less on their work or anything. They felt lost in their thoughts and distracted. So if you also experience this condition in your body, you must consult a doctor as soon as possible. You can consult your situation in Dr. Gupta's Clinic, where they provide excellent ayurvedic treatment for Dhat Syndrome or Nightfall.


As we read earlier, in the Crossmaglen Subcontinent, having an issue like Dhat Syndrome is a matter of utmost care and priority because people take this matter very seriously. So when they experience a Dhat Syndrome, they feel guilt in themself due to lack of knowledge. So, in this case, you must consult a reputed ayurvedic doctor to get a proper understanding and ayurvedic treatment of your persistent disease.

Sexual dysfunction

The very last symptom of Dhat Syndrome is sexual dysfunction. In this, men started losing interest in the activities such as sex or sexual intercourse that once gave them pleasure. This further creates dissatisfaction in their partner and themselves. As it is human behavior, when a person feels distracted or stressed, he starts distracting from the things he once regarded as pleasurable. If this continues, it will create differences in your relationship and life. So consult Dr. Gupta about your issue and get the best possible ayurvedic treatment for Dhat Syndrome in Crossmaglen.

Diagnosis And Treatment Of Dhat Discharge In Crossmaglen

If you seek better ayurvedic treatment for your Dhat Syndrome, you must consult Best Ayurvedic Treatment Centre for your issue. Here ayurvedic doctors provide adequate ayurvedic treatment for sex-related diseases or sexual disorders. We believe that a satisfactory treatment starts with consulting patients about their mental health and disease status.

After consulting basic things, they will start using ayurvedic products and medicines. We aim to treat patients using natural and ayurvedic products to maintain consistency in treatment. We use a natural approach to therapy while treating our patients with the core. Here, we do not use heavy drugs or anything in the treatment. Our ayurvedic treatment for Dhat Syndrome is 100% natural and effective. So consult now and get the best possible ayurvedic medicine for your disease.

Dr. Govind Krishna Gupta is a well-established and highly experienced ayurvedic doctor and sexologist with over 38 years of experience dealing with various male and female sexual disorders. Contact us today for 100% effective ayurvedic treatment for Dhat Syndrome in Crossmaglen. Get a free consultation by calling on +91-9831072167, or you can also send us your email at drguptasclinic@gmail.com.

Frequently Asked Question On Dhat Syndrome Treatment In Crossmaglen

Men with dhat disorder experience physical and passionate misery connected to apparent semen misfortune and a feeling of fear toward semen misfortune. In certain societies, semen is viewed as a profoundly important substance. Losing semen adds to these conviction frameworks' physical and mental sicknesses and sexual issues. On account of dhat condition, men become restless about losing semen.

They might stress that semen is being gone through their urine or that they are losing semen through masturbation or nighttime discharges ("wet dreams"). Different indications of dhat condition can include exhaustion, discouragement, carelessness, focus troubles, sensations of disgrace or responsibility, and sexual brokenness (like erectile brokenness, untimely discharge, and low charisma).

As far as a result, the most expected result detailed by the patients was that of no change (45.3%), trailed by improved (32.8%), and only one-fifth (21.9%) answered to have recuperated from their manifestations of Dhat Syndrome with the ayurvedic treatment given from the clinic. So get the best treatment for your disease in Dr. Gupta's Clinic. Do not delay in getting your best ayurvedic treatment for Dhat Syndrome, and take a consultation with the doctor as soon as possible.

Vaginal release or dhat discharge in females is likewise connected with burdensome and physical side effects, and numerous ladies with manifestations of whitish release quality their burdensome and substantial indications to the whitish discharge. The women generally present grumblings of safed paani (white water), dhatu, or swed pradhar. They are stressed over the deficiency of genital emission and report that shortage of discharges was related to a moderate shortcoming or weakness in the body. These women also had indications of unclear substantial appearances through consuming hands and feet, wooziness, spinal pain, and deficiency.

This sometimes is not an issue as when a man has an orgasm, and at that time, no sperm splits out of the penis; instead, it reverses its path and goes back into the bladder. And after that, the sperm comes out with the urine when that person pee for the next time. This situation is not considered harmful if it happens a few times. Still, if this happens more than usual, then it means that you have to consult a doctor at the soonest possible convenience and get the treatment before the situation gets worse.

Dhat is a condition portrayed in Crossmaglen that is described by uneasiness, shortcomings, fatigue, and hypochondriasis that might go with the release of semen or whitish discoloration of pee or urine.

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